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[SDGN] PvP Relevant Info Updates

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There is a great thread about SDGN’s PvP system in GGFTW by SmilyT1. Be sure to check that out as I am not going to go through all of the official news in detail when it’s being similar to old school SDGO.


Let’s give a hype news to start this post.

PvP will release in 29th Jan 2016 if everything goes smoothly.I will never tell you that I do not expect things go smoothly…

Alrighty then, let’s review what we have already expected:

  • TPS battle. (of course
  • Different from PvP, it use 1,2,3,4 buttons to switch weapons. (old school stuff
  • When you do and receive certain amount of damage, you will accumulate SP, which activate your passive skill (more old schoo stuff
  • Consume your SP to do Special attack. (Is this not SDGO?
    • When you are using Special attack when your HP is below 10%, your Special attack will be different compare to original Special, and it will deal more damage.
  • There are paper scissors stone mecha-… er-hem… I mean Assault, Shooter and Balance 3 types of unit in PvP rather than 5 in PvE. (Welcome back SdGO
  • PvP will be 8v8.
    • Developer thought about doing 16v16 and 32v32 in the future if possible.
  • There will currently only be Normal mode (both side will keep respawn and continue battle until time up).
    • Developer currently have no plan adding other mode yet.
  • Most of the units are acquirable from lucky draws
    • Not sure if developer is talking about lucky draw shop or other kind of lucky draw.
  • The only 2 things that share between PvE and PvP are gold and id. (I think cash too?
  • Currently there are 40+ units are ready to be acquirable in PvP.
    • Through clearing quests, you will be able to get a number of D ranks units. (YES, D RANK!!
    • S rank and A rank units will release every half or a month.
  • There are 3 maps available when release.
    • Maps are much larger than SDGO used to be.

SDGN plan for February and March:

  • Feb
    • Add new PvP map (S3 point)
    • New units
  • March
    • New PvP map and new units
    • Introduce weapon customizing system
      • Allow user to customize weapon within limited amount of ‘COST point’ to join the battle.
      • You can customize each slot of your weapon (1,2,3) with any combinations.
      • Developer also mentioned that each unit will have their own special weapons, yet they can still use some general weapons. And weapons will NOT be sold through ‘lucky draw’ method.


Let’s babbling a bit more about weapon customizing system. Remember there was Hyper Hammer RX-78, and then there was normal RX-78 in the SDGO? In SDGN, there will not be a new unit for Hyper Hammer RX-78. Instead, you can customize your RX-78’s weapon to equip Hyper Hammer. There probably will be a limitation, which is COST, that don’t allow you to equip all the strong weapons within a unit. So you will have to choose the weapon combination wisely. I think you might even able to customize your Freedom Gundam to be a pure melee unit. In contrast, there might also be some player customize their weapon that they might not have any melee weapon at all. :3


Lastly, there were some rumors from test server player that talk about his gameplay experience in PvP. Note that anything below are not confirmed.

  • Animation cancel mechanism still apply. (!!!)
    • For those who did not play SDGO, here is the explanation. In SDGO, for every attack you do, there is a delay after your attack is carried out (e.g. stun after slashing opponent, gun recoil stun after shooting a beam gun). When that delay happen, player can choose to switch weapon to cancel the stun animation, so that he can start his next action earlier.
    • However, it is unknown the amount of delay reduced, so its unsure whether it is super useful or doesn’t really matter.
  • Combat Dash related tricks from SDGO still apply.
    • For those who did not play SDGO, here is the explanation. In SDGO, when you start a melee attack, there is a dash with longer startup delay before releasing the first slash. Pretty much feel like the current PvE basic attack, except that combat dash does NOT consume any boost. This combat dash only happen when there are any enemy locked on by the system. That means if system determine that player does not lock on to any enemy, combat dash will not happen and the slash will release immediately.
    • e.g. so called “Zero-Boost Slash” (ZBS) (I try to avoid goes into detail because I found that my understanding toward game mechanism is so different compare to majority of English Community player
  • Melee combo like [1->1->1->1->(weapon swap animation cancel + zbs)->1->1->1->1->1] unbroken link still do-able in SDGN.
  • “Quick Snipe” trick from SDGO is no more as there won’t be any delay on going in and out of sniping mode.
  • There is no animation for switching weapons and sniping mode

Here is all the info I can get. GLHF guys. If there is anything, be sure to leave a comment below or join the facebook community.


[SDGN] Barbatos?

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Barbatos, melee 5 hits, range bazooka(?), a melee combo, and melee special. 1st Skill: attack, and moving speed increase 2nd Skill: agility, attack speed increase, moving speed minor increase This pretty much sum up the latest GM Note I guess.

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[SDGN] Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam Sneak Peek

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In the official GM Notes, it did mention about what weapons these units will be able to use in PvP mode. However, I find that it is pretty much alike compare to SDGO.

Freedom get to transform into second mode that allow him to shoot his M100 “Balaena” Plasma beam cannons. Interestingly, Freedom get a sword weapon on each mode. It probably make Freedom more of a close-medium range combat units?

Meanwhile, Justice’s “Volucris” Machine Gun had been replaced by Beam Cannon.

There might be some minor changes on the melee mechanism. There are things like Justice get to do a 7 slash combo in second mode, and Freedom get to do a dash attack after 2 melee slash of his second mode’s sword.

Both units’ skill does not give the units infinite boost.

Well, that’s all for now. There was a term and condition amendment regarding to TS point. However, that’s really nothing important there (I think).

All and all, I pretty much expect that SDGN will be like a spin off version of SDGO with some new RPG elements outside of PvP. I’d really hope that they can somehow create more variety in term of PvP gameplay. If it just make some minor adjustment and call it a new game, its cool but it will be a little bit of let down for me.



3 Most Useful Repeat-able Quest In SDGN

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I’ve been wanting to post this like months ago though, but procrastination…… Anyway, it will be short tips for mid-late game players.

  1. Gold/EXP Farm – Mission EX2-5

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX2-5
    Killing Virtue is probably the fastest mission that can be cleared in game. You do not really need a competent party to get an extreme fast speed on this quest. If you just want to rush level and gold, this is your fastest ticket to get your 35lv and enough gold to buy whatever you need in auction. Here is a result screenshot where 3 players using random units with above average gears.
    SDGN 17 sec Mission EX2-5

  2. Healing Item Grind & Easiest Farm – Mission EX3-1

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX3-1

    Don’t have enough healing pots? Others are too hard to solo? This quest got your back. Get your hand on any of the range units and kite the boss as much as you like. Got hits? No worry. Each time you clear this quest, you will get 20 Med Healing Pot (6000HP Heal) item. So you can SPAM healing pots as much as you want. Seriously when you get OK gears, this boss is pretty easy even if you are using the worst units in the game. It just take quite awhile to clear the mobs.

  3. End Game Gear Hunts – Mission EX3-6

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX3-6
    Upgrade Kits will never be enough. Grind it as much as you like. You can even try to get some end-game gears on Mission 3-6. Extra gold and upgrade kits are always convenience when you do the gear hunts. They will always come in handy when you need to upgrade your gears.

If you really want to prepare for coming PvP, golds are really in needs for you to upgrade your gears and units. Just remember not to blindly F11 and submit these quests every run when doing these missions and you will find that you get rich without even knowing it.

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SDGN PvP Preview Peek

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There is a new GM Notes that talk a lot about PvP in SDGN. After reading in detail, it can generally sum up in one sentence: PvP in SDGN will work almost exactly like SDGO.

Here are some photos from the GM Notes:

sdgn pvp1

sdgn pvp2

sdgn pvp3

sdgn pvp4

sdgn pvp 5


For more info, you can click here that will lead you to official GM Note.



Zorua: I’ve been taking a break from this game due to works for a few weeks. Might update more lately.


[SDGN] Free Operator A Event

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  1. Oct 15th till Oct 21st, do the daily quest everyday do participate the event.
  2. You must finish 1 daily quest the day of the week.
  3. No. Event name
    One [Monday] Guardian Training
    2 [Tuesday] Guardian Training
    3 [Wednesday] Guardian Training
    4 [Thursday] Guardian Training
    5 [Friday] Guardian Training
    6 [Saturday] Guardian Training
    7 [Sunday] Guardian Training
  4. There will be 3 lucky winner who will get 300TS points.
  5. For people who complete all of these will receive Adjuntant A for 7 days.
  6. All compensation will be given in 22 Oct through in-game mail.

that’s all, GLHF

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SDGN Login Event

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SDGN Login Event

Started from yesterday [GMT+9](which if you did not, you had already missed a day), you get something everyday.

Oct 9 – Grind Penalty Protector, 5 pcs

Oct 10 – Operator C, 7 days

Oct 11 – Grind Success Rate Boost +20%, 5 pcs

Oct 12 -Ressurection Potion, 5 pcs

Oct 13 – Upgrade Kit LV2, 5 pcs

Oct 14 – 3 Gundam Coin/Vision of Gundam


If you participated for all 6 days, you will get extra 100 lucky coupons.

That’s all. GLHF

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SDGN Auction – Possible Ways For Earning

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Of course, you can use cash to lucky draw for blueprint then selling them in auction FML. However, if you are like me who don’t really spend much money in game, here is a few ways you can earn some good money with auction:

  1. Selling some basic stuffs that everyone needs
    • There are stuffs that everyone need that you can sell in bulks if you play the game enough. Example of those items are as follow:
      • Upgrade Kit LV1 SDGN연구허가서 LV1
      • MS Upgrade Kit SDGNMS업킷
      • Upgrade Kit LV2 SDGN연구허가서 LV2
      • MS Upgrade Kit II SDGNMS업킷 II
      • Core Hardware C SDGN코어 하드웨어C
  2. Hunt some gears related stuff to sell
    • Common senses e.g.
      • Gears (weapons and armors)
      • Core Blueprints SDGNCores Blueprints
  3. Examine the prices of the stuffs
    • Like if you find something that should be more expensive than the current price, buy and sell for higher price.
    • (How to define the price is base on experience and item’s stats, tho is high risk high reward)


And also, two extra notes for those who really want to earn money with auctions:

  1. You can only set 30 sales on shop per day (1 stack of items are treated as 1 sale). There is maximum of 10 ongoing sales that is allowed on auction. You will be charged for 10% of tax when the item is sold.
  2. Once you register a product for sales, it does not show on the auction immediately. There is an amount of sales processing time between the registration and the product shown on auction. And there is also a 3 days limit time for product to be up on auction. After 3 days, the product will automatically remove from auction if it is not sold, either back to mail or backpack.
    • Note that the amount of time that need to process a product is unknown.
    • Note that mail items is not safe and might be auto deleted after a period of time.
      • E.g. if your backpack is full, the item will stay in your mailbox for only an hour. After an hour, they will be disappear from your mailbox.

That’s all for now, GLHF.