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SDGN latest announcements…

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The latest notification is talk about the period of time change for GM matchup event and another event’s winner list.

Nothing special.


Zorua’s shoutout: Do anyone mind to work together to write this blog and wiki? Even just 1 more guy joining will reduce the level of overwhelming by 50%. Do reply this post if you wanna~~


SDGN Play With GM, Free TS Points

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SDGN GM party event


Use the matching system of the game to match up with GM.

Event Period: 31st Aug(Mon) to 4th Sept(Fri) Korea Time 16:00 ~ 19:00 20:00 ~ 22:00(GMT+9)

GM List: [GM]Halo ([GM]하로), Zaku’s new recruits (?)

Event Progress:

  1. When the time start, game notification will guide player to the channel of GM.
  2. With random matching system of the game, GM will match up with 2 random player to clear a mission. (excluding episode 3 and all EX missions).
  3. There will also be notification in 19:00 about the end of the event.
  4. Anyone who cleared any mission with GM will be rewarded with 100TS point.
    • Reward will be given in next morning of the event (South Korea’s time of course)



  • Compensation will be paid only once per account during event.
    • Even if you proceed with GM for several missions, reward will be paid only once.
      • Zorua’s doubt: Once per day? Unsure…
  • If GM disconnect while playing the mission, he will pay you 1000G.
  • TS rewards will be paid ingame mailbox.


Zorua’s note: Internet down for yesterday… I carry on the translate tomorrow with transformed multiple hand gundam. Please do make a comment if you need any tip/note urgent.


Finally finish translating some wiki stuff.

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Now you can check the skills of each unit from the sdgn wiki here in English. Just click the link on the left of your screen.

In the sdgn wiki, you can also find out the side quests/challenges of each missions.

Note that the accuracy of translation is not 100% accurate. If any mistakes or question, you can comment down below this post or that specific wiki page.

Hope that help.



Future plan:

  • Create a translation and guides of in-game interface.

13 August 2015 SDGN Notice

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SDGN Notice 13August

1. Maintenance in KR time (11:00~11:30am), already ended.

2. Update:

  1. Lucky Draw unit changed from Prototype Gundam to G-3 Gundam.
    • Prototype Gundam cannot be obtain from now on.
  2. EX1-3 Mission, there was a bug causing ‘solo the mission’ achievement does not work from time to time. It is fixed.
  3. Other minor bug fixes.





SDGN Free Run

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Need some friend in SDGN. Just that. (Yet I am not gonna expose my in-game name for awhile…)

Not sure that there is any English community out there, I will just post my broken-English blog of SDGN guides here.

Note that the game is still in testing so,

  • No PvP for the Free Run period.
  • It is started from July 30th to August 30th. It will close their server after that. (2015)
  • There will be no data wipe for game.
  • Anyone who reached 5lv or above in CBT will receive “Char Pilot Card” as award.
    • Char Pilot Card will stop all your surrounding units or projectile from movement for a few seconds.

I will write more in next blog post. (Gotta do SEO after that too I think)