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SDGN How To Basic Boss Fight

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“Ignore the grammar error, will you?”

This blog post is only just to talk about basic note for melee combat on a boss fight. Range unit just too easy to do stuffs, you know…

  1. Read The Boss’s Startup Action
    • This is the first thing that you have to get use to if you want to beat a simple boss properly. Since this game is not made for 1v1 on enemies, there is no way you can win a damage trade fight to a boss that suit your level. Dodge when you see their attack’s startup action. Always aware about them. This is the basic of every boss fight in the game.
    • If you aren’t use to it, the boss in EX1-1 is a perfect practice target for you. It only do 1 attack, with super long startup action. After you dodged it, just punish him when he is in is attack’s recovery motion/period. This Zaku have a pretty long one compare to most of the boss, too.
  2. Try To Get The Boss’s Side And Back
    • If you constantly stand in front of the boss, you are doing it wrong. Most bosses throw their attack to where they face. So, turning direction of the boss can be one of the most obvious visual clue to tell you that the boss going to perform an attack toward that direction. Just stay away from where the boss face will actually safe you from a lots of enemy’s attack.
  3. Remembering The Enemy’s Attack Pattern
    • There are some boss’ attack does not have any startup action. This is getting more true when you’re facing an enemy that shoot Bazooka at you without any warning. Most of the enemy in EP1 had receive accuracy nerf in grand opening compare to PRE RUN, so I wonder if it still a big threat. However, range attack in close range often an 100% accuracy attack from boss.
    • Knowing how the boss attack will let you understand that when you can throw all your attack to the boss even when boss is attacking the other direction, and when not to do the attack. It also help you to learn about boss’s startup action better when you dodging.
  4. Beware Of Funky(Invisible) Hitboxes
    • If you are going to play SDGN, you have to accept that enemy’s attacks’ hitbox often larger than the graphic visual cue. For example, a Zaku that throwing the bomb toward the front will hit the back if you stand too close, even if it doesn’t make sense. Kyrios that shoot horizontally on the ground will hit you even if you jump like 5 unit height higher than the beam attack.Surprise you one time is game’s fault, but later will be your fault. Try to take note each of them.


Hey, Zorua, where is the air combo and super armor related tips? 

Zorua: You do not need to know those things to be able to defeat a casual boss. As long as you have a solid basic about the above 4 tips, you will easily be able to defeat casual bosses with ease.

Within next few blog post, I will write an unproven and incomplete guide about how to choose your stats of your cores/parts/gears in SDGN. So stay tune to this boss. Also, do ask any question you would like to know about SDGN in comment, I will try my best to answer.




P.S. If your connection toward the server have high ping, you will suffer from Delayed Hitbox Symptom(I just made-up the name on the spot…). It’s the same thing happened in SDGO, if the enemy attack the location of where you have been 1sec/0.5sec ago, it will be judge as you had been hit by this enemy attack. It can get real annoying when you have a pretty bad internet connection. So beware of this symptom…

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SDGN Hidden Balance Changes

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There is quite a number of hidden changes happen in the patch 2 days ago. Air combo nerf is one of them, of course.

GM Ground Type’s 3rd and 4th skills are also nerfed. The buff duration acquire from these skills reduce from 30 seconds to 18 second.

Also for air combo, I have to correct what I said 2 blog posts ago. You can launch the enemy higher than 2 unit height and continue your air combo. However, if you use the EXTRA attack (‘Q’ button) when the enemy is higher than 2 units height from the ground, the enemy will be forced back to that height. When that happen, the enemy instantly drop to 2 unit height while your unit still at higher height, which cause failure to connect the air combo.

So if you plan to advance your air combo above 2 unit height, you will have to get use to not using the EXTRA attack to continue the combo. If not, you will have to keep the height at somewhere around 2 unit height, so it become more stable.

There might be other changes, but is yet to be discover.

sigh... SDGN GM Ground Type Nerf

SDGN KR Zorua whining

SDGN Air Combo Nerf Once Again

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Before the last patch, you can air combo the enemy as high as possible, where sometimes u fail your input, you got chance to reconnect your air combo.

After the patch, the air combo height is not limit to somewhere around 2 unit. It will auto adjust the height and not let you launch the enemy beyond the height. So once you fail, its most likely to fall on ground and regain its super armor if you do it alone.

Zorua whining

SDGN Getting High Ranking Promote Bad Plays [Subjective View]

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Ever wonder how the score works? Everytime when you finish a mission, the score seems to be lower when you did perfect without taking damage. However, the score is mysteriously high when you did well… not that great.

My friend and I had tried to figure out how the score works. So we collected a bunch of gameplay results, ending up with this comparison.



SDGN score 1

 Clear Time  01:31
 Max Combo  113
 Damage Output  1,305,127
 Damage Received  0
 Number of Unit Explode  0
 Revive Teammate  0
 G Gauge  7980
 Number of New Type  426
 Enemy Defeat  1
 Score  816,303


SDGN score 2

 Clear Time 01:56
 Max Combo  23
 Damage Output  1,217,184
 Damage Received  1,088,036
 Number of Unit Explode  1
 Revive Teammate  0
 G gauge  16,475
 Numbers of New Type  1,065
 Enemy Defeat  1
 Score  828,102

These result is taken from Mission 1-11 by Wing. In first result, Wing receive no damage at all  and then kill the boss. Faster, higher combo and higher damage output. However, in second result, Wing had ate a “kamikaze battleship”. One of it is enough to deal around 1 million damage over kill on him. With that, the G gauge generation is much higher as well. And then, he had a much higher score despite the time, combo and damage output.

We had already sort of figure out how clear time is the most decisive factor on score. However, without max combo or damage receive which too greatly help on gaining G Gauge, it is very hard to get a SS rank score. Is not impossible, but much harder.

It pretty much let us making a conclusion that if we really want to rush the score for ranking, we have to make sure we at least achieve a lot in 4 most decisive factors of score calculation:

  1. Sanic speed clear time
    • Legit.
  2. High max combo
    • Which player might have to intentionally create some scenario that allow high combo numbers to be done.
    • Also, party mates have to prevent themselves to attack the enemy that the score runner is attacking in order to let him/her building up his/her combo?
      • Or even going try hard support mode to pull the enemy from far away to this player so he can continue his combo?!
  3. High damage output
    • Party mates gotta help to speed up the run without dealing too much of damage???
  4. High Damage Receive
    • WTH?! *Bandai pls im not an M

I could be wrong on my assumption of how score is calculate. However, if it is true, it actually kind of encouraging bad plays to get for higher ranking rather than pro plays without taking any damage.

Oh well……

Sorry for doing unnecessary whining about irrelevant stuffs, but now you know how to theoretically rush for ranking, right? Go prove me right or wrong by getting some ranking in missions.


P.S. Remember, even taking damage might taken into consideration of increasing score, speed and max combo number are actually both much more decisive and proven factors of increasing the score. Losing too much speed to take more damage will absolutely reduce your score. As for attacks that can overkill your HP by 30times or more… I don’t know…