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Official Notice SDGN KR

[SDGN]Valentine Login Event

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In short, when you login and get online in game in specific time on 13th and 14th Febuary 2016(Korea time of course), you will receive specific gifts.

Gifts are as follow (Korea time):

11:00 ~ 15:00

Adjutant A(3 days)

15:00 ~ 19:00

20,000 gold

19:00 ~ 23:00

Gundam Vision Card (5 pcs)

Date: 13th and 14th Febuary 2016

You just need to login and get online in the game and you will receive your gifts in the mailbox.

Happy Valentine guys~


Official Notice SDGN KR

SDGN PvP Preview Peek

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There is a new GM Notes that talk a lot about PvP in SDGN. After reading in detail, it can generally sum up in one sentence: PvP in SDGN will work almost exactly like SDGO.

Here are some photos from the GM Notes:

sdgn pvp1

sdgn pvp2

sdgn pvp3

sdgn pvp4

sdgn pvp 5


For more info, you can click here that will lead you to official GM Note.



Zorua: I’ve been taking a break from this game due to works for a few weeks. Might update more lately.

Official Notice SDGN KR

SDGN Login Event

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SDGN Login Event

Started from yesterday [GMT+9](which if you did not, you had already missed a day), you get something everyday.

Oct 9 – Grind Penalty Protector, 5 pcs

Oct 10 – Operator C, 7 days

Oct 11 – Grind Success Rate Boost +20%, 5 pcs

Oct 12 -Ressurection Potion, 5 pcs

Oct 13 – Upgrade Kit LV2, 5 pcs

Oct 14 – 3 Gundam Coin/Vision of Gundam


If you participated for all 6 days, you will get extra 100 lucky coupons.

That’s all. GLHF

Official Notice SDGN KR

[Event] SDGN Strike Gundam Ranging Runway

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SDGN Event (Strike Gundam)

  1. Period: 10th September (after maintenance) ~ 17th September (before maintenance)
  2. Target: Anyone who online between this period (one per account)
  3. Free Gift: Strike Gundam (unit)
  4. Note:
    • Each account can only receive one Strike Gundam within this period.
    • Both existing and new members are eligible to this event.
    • You will be receiving the unit via in-game mailbox (우편함> 보관함에서).

This is actually covered in maintenance notice in last post. Well, GM made a separate announcement anyway. That’s all, folks. GLHF