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[SDGN]Valentine Login Event

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In short, when you login and get online in game in specific time on 13th and 14th Febuary 2016(Korea time of course), you will receive specific gifts.

Gifts are as follow (Korea time):

11:00 ~ 15:00

Adjutant A(3 days)

15:00 ~ 19:00

20,000 gold

19:00 ~ 23:00

Gundam Vision Card (5 pcs)

Date: 13th and 14th Febuary 2016

You just need to login and get online in the game and you will receive your gifts in the mailbox.

Happy Valentine guys~



[SDGN] Quick Maintenance Detail (3rd Feb 2016)

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I will just point out some more important points and leave the others out.

1) Fix some bugs
-Fix the bug where sometimes boost can dodge the special with boost.
-Fix some bug show ‘loading is incomplete’

2) Some System Adjustment
-Show some icons when enemy got stun
-When you try to snipe on air, you will slowly dropping down instead of floating on the air.

3) Unit Adjustments
-Stun effect time reduced (all unit)
–(not sure what kind of stun it is, but I think its the attack animation stun)
-When unit flinch, standing up, being attack and attack while standing on ground, the boost will regenerate.
-Montero’s 3rd weapon’s stun effect removed.