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[SDGN] Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam Sneak Peek

In the official GM Notes, it did mention about what weapons these units will be able to use in PvP mode. However, I find that it is pretty much alike compare to SDGO.

Freedom get to transform into second mode that allow him to shoot his M100 “Balaena” Plasma beam cannons. Interestingly, Freedom get a sword weapon on each mode. It probably make Freedom more of a close-medium range combat units?

Meanwhile, Justice’s “Volucris” Machine Gun had been replaced by Beam Cannon.

There might be some minor changes on the melee mechanism. There are things like Justice get to do a 7 slash combo in second mode, and Freedom get to do a dash attack after 2 melee slash of his second mode’s sword.

Both units’ skill does not give the units infinite boost.

Well, that’s all for now. There was a term and condition amendment regarding to TS point. However, that’s really nothing important there (I think).

All and all, I pretty much expect that SDGN will be like a spin off version of SDGO with some new RPG elements outside of PvP. I’d really hope that they can somehow create more variety in term of PvP gameplay. If it just make some minor adjustment and call it a new game, its cool but it will be a little bit of let down for me.


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