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3 Most Useful Repeat-able Quest In SDGN

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I’ve been wanting to post this like months ago though, but procrastination…… Anyway, it will be short tips for mid-late game players.

  1. Gold/EXP Farm – Mission EX2-5

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX2-5
    Killing Virtue is probably the fastest mission that can be cleared in game. You do not really need a competent party to get an extreme fast speed on this quest. If you just want to rush level and gold, this is your fastest ticket to get your 35lv and enough gold to buy whatever you need in auction. Here is a result screenshot where 3 players using random units with above average gears.
    SDGN 17 sec Mission EX2-5

  2. Healing Item Grind & Easiest Farm – Mission EX3-1

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX3-1

    Don’t have enough healing pots? Others are too hard to solo? This quest got your back. Get your hand on any of the range units and kite the boss as much as you like. Got hits? No worry. Each time you clear this quest, you will get 20 Med Healing Pot (6000HP Heal) item. So you can SPAM healing pots as much as you want. Seriously when you get OK gears, this boss is pretty easy even if you are using the worst units in the game. It just take quite awhile to clear the mobs.

  3. End Game Gear Hunts – Mission EX3-6

    SDGN Repeatable Quest Mission EX3-6
    Upgrade Kits will never be enough. Grind it as much as you like. You can even try to get some end-game gears on Mission 3-6. Extra gold and upgrade kits are always convenience when you do the gear hunts. They will always come in handy when you need to upgrade your gears.

If you really want to prepare for coming PvP, golds are really in needs for you to upgrade your gears and units. Just remember not to blindly F11 and submit these quests every run when doing these missions and you will find that you get rich without even knowing it.

Official Notice SDGN KR

SDGN PvP Preview Peek

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There is a new GM Notes that talk a lot about PvP in SDGN. After reading in detail, it can generally sum up in one sentence: PvP in SDGN will work almost exactly like SDGO.

Here are some photos from the GM Notes:

sdgn pvp1

sdgn pvp2

sdgn pvp3

sdgn pvp4

sdgn pvp 5


For more info, you can click here that will lead you to official GM Note.



Zorua: I’ve been taking a break from this game due to works for a few weeks. Might update more lately.