SDGN Auction Released


  1. In every game, auction’s price are unstable when early release, so purchase with care.
  2. You cannot sell any unit cores that is not 100/100 durability.
  3. You cannot sell the unit, but you can sell the design.
  4. If you are real rich IRL, you can purchase cash, get some LuckyDraw’s unit blueprint and sell it on auction.
    • With this, outside of pilot level, you do not actually have to play the game to get the best of everything in this game.
      • You can always buy blueprint for any units that you want from auction as long as its still available.
      • You can always buy the ‘MS Upgrade Kits’ and ‘MS Upgrade Kits II’ to level up the units with the money you earn from selling blueprint.
      • You can always buy the best tier of gears from auction, and choose the stat that you preference rather than hunting badly.
      • You can always buy the ‘Upgrade Kit Lv2’ from auction to grind your weapon to +9 with cash item of ‘Protection Kits'(prevent failure grind drop [e.g. +7 -> +6]) and ‘Success Rate 20% Boost’ from cash/TS points shop.

Contact this guy if you want to purchase cashes with cheaper price.


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