SDGN Strike Gundam Sneak Peek

SDGN Strike GM Note

Just a correction, the full name of this unit seems to be as follow:

스트라이크 건담(아머 슈나이더)

SDGN Strike Gundam

This blog post will only be an excerpt of actualy GM Note in the official website.

Unit Type

Balance Type

Passive Skill

 SDGn Seed Awakening
 If HP is less than 30%, melee, range damage are increased by 25% and agility is increased by 20%.

Active Skill

 SDGN Strike 이겔슈테른
 Inflict physical damage of shooting attack for 145% per hit.

Chain Skill: Receive a 10% cooldown effect.

You can take advantage of the range before enemy reaching you by firing some bullets with this skill.


 SDGN Strike Rush
 Deal physical damage to hit the target by 1100% with a short dash forward.

Chain Skill: Add a ‘SLOW’ effect to the attack.

1 hit dash. Long startup action


 SDGN Strike 아머 슈나이더 난무
아머 슈나이더 난무
 Battered armor and attack, dealing physical damage 155% per hit, launch the target to the air.

Chain Skill: Increase the attack power by 10%.

Zorua’s note: Feel like G-3 Gundam’s 3rd skill, except you yourself will end up in the air for the last hit. It can be inconvenient for skill chain in certain situation probably… 


 SDGn Strike 아머 슈나이더 찌르기
아머 슈나이더 찌르기
 Bypass the armor and push into the target, dealing 170% physical damage of melee attack. If you succeeding the first attack, it will follow up with 110% physical damage per hits multi-slashes.

Chain Skill: Cooldown is subject to 5% effectiveness. (?)



 SDGN Guard
 The damage received reduced by 50%. When the shield durability is zero, you can no longer guard anything.

If you activate the guard right at the moment you receive the attack, you will be able to do a counter attack.


Zorua’s note: This is the skill that I figured out the least compare to the rest of the skills in the game. I have no idea how this skill work. However, here are some observations and assumptions of how this [Guard] work.

  • Observation: It often reduce the damage for more than 50%.
  • Observation: It can only block for certain amounts of damage.
  • Observation: My friends and I are failing to activate counter attack of any sort. We still have no idea of how the counter attack work.
  • Assumption: There is an ‘auto-guard durability’ stat (오토가드 내구도) which might refer to the amount of damage you can block by your guard.
  • Observation: When the shield durability is zero, your shield(depend on each units) will show sparkling effects.
  • Observation: Even for the units like Ground Type Gundam who do not have ‘Guard’ skill, the shield will still show sparkling effect after receive some amount of damage.
  • Assumption: There is a chance to activate auto-guard and ‘absorb your damage’ by your shield.
  • Assumption: Depend on where your shield is on your unit, the area that have higher chance of activating the auto-guard vary.
  • Assumption: If you use the guard skill at the right timing, you still have to click some button to make the ‘counter attack’ work.

SDGN Strike Gundam

That’s all, folks. GLHF

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