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SDGN How To Basic Boss Fight

“Ignore the grammar error, will you?”

This blog post is only just to talk about basic note for melee combat on a boss fight. Range unit just too easy to do stuffs, you know…

  1. Read The Boss’s Startup Action
    • This is the first thing that you have to get use to if you want to beat a simple boss properly. Since this game is not made for 1v1 on enemies, there is no way you can win a damage trade fight to a boss that suit your level. Dodge when you see their attack’s startup action. Always aware about them. This is the basic of every boss fight in the game.
    • If you aren’t use to it, the boss in EX1-1 is a perfect practice target for you. It only do 1 attack, with super long startup action. After you dodged it, just punish him when he is in is attack’s recovery motion/period. This Zaku have a pretty long one compare to most of the boss, too.
  2. Try To Get The Boss’s Side And Back
    • If you constantly stand in front of the boss, you are doing it wrong. Most bosses throw their attack to where they face. So, turning direction of the boss can be one of the most obvious visual clue to tell you that the boss going to perform an attack toward that direction. Just stay away from where the boss face will actually safe you from a lots of enemy’s attack.
  3. Remembering The Enemy’s Attack Pattern
    • There are some boss’ attack does not have any startup action. This is getting more true when you’re facing an enemy that shoot Bazooka at you without any warning. Most of the enemy in EP1 had receive accuracy nerf in grand opening compare to PRE RUN, so I wonder if it still a big threat. However, range attack in close range often an 100% accuracy attack from boss.
    • Knowing how the boss attack will let you understand that when you can throw all your attack to the boss even when boss is attacking the other direction, and when not to do the attack. It also help you to learn about boss’s startup action better when you dodging.
  4. Beware Of Funky(Invisible) Hitboxes
    • If you are going to play SDGN, you have to accept that enemy’s attacks’ hitbox often larger than the graphic visual cue. For example, a Zaku that throwing the bomb toward the front will hit the back if you stand too close, even if it doesn’t make sense. Kyrios that shoot horizontally on the ground will hit you even if you jump like 5 unit height higher than the beam attack.Surprise you one time is game’s fault, but later will be your fault. Try to take note each of them.


Hey, Zorua, where is the air combo and super armor related tips? 

Zorua: You do not need to know those things to be able to defeat a casual boss. As long as you have a solid basic about the above 4 tips, you will easily be able to defeat casual bosses with ease.

Within next few blog post, I will write an unproven and incomplete guide about how to choose your stats of your cores/parts/gears in SDGN. So stay tune to this boss. Also, do ask any question you would like to know about SDGN in comment, I will try my best to answer.




P.S. If your connection toward the server have high ping, you will suffer from Delayed Hitbox Symptom(I just made-up the name on the spot…). It’s the same thing happened in SDGO, if the enemy attack the location of where you have been 1sec/0.5sec ago, it will be judge as you had been hit by this enemy attack. It can get real annoying when you have a pretty bad internet connection. So beware of this symptom…

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