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SDGN Hidden Balance Changes

There is quite a number of hidden changes happen in the patch 2 days ago. Air combo nerf is one of them, of course.

GM Ground Type’s 3rd and 4th skills are also nerfed. The buff duration acquire from these skills reduce from 30 seconds to 18 second.

Also for air combo, I have to correct what I said 2 blog posts ago. You can launch the enemy higher than 2 unit height and continue your air combo. However, if you use the EXTRA attack (‘Q’ button) when the enemy is higher than 2 units height from the ground, the enemy will be forced back to that height. When that happen, the enemy instantly drop to 2 unit height while your unit still at higher height, which cause failure to connect the air combo.

So if you plan to advance your air combo above 2 unit height, you will have to get use to not using the EXTRA attack to continue the combo. If not, you will have to keep the height at somewhere around 2 unit height, so it become more stable.

There might be other changes, but is yet to be discover.

sigh... SDGN GM Ground Type Nerf

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