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SDGN Grand Opening (SDGN Open Beta)

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SDGN Open Beta Notice

The grand opening schedule has been confirmed.

  • Episode 2 and 3 missions will be published.
    • Particular Episode 3 last mission [Engage Destroyer Gundam] will be a thrilling battle.
  • They’re also pinging gundam dynames and kyrios as new units.
    • Of course it is including-but-not-limited-to I guess…
  • New action cancelling system in combat is added to speed up the pace of battle.
    • I think it is enhancing of current cancelling system? Wait to see how it work…
  • Date: August 27th 2015 (Thu.)
    • The specific hour of opening will be confirm later.
  • All pre-run data will be remained.

Though the official notice didn’t said anything about PvP and level cap, I actually start to assume that there will be PvP system and new level cap when open beta is released. Anyway, enjoy the video~~



Maintenance at 19:00 – 21:00 KR time

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KR server maintenance SDGN


Good morning. It is SD Gundam Next Generation.

20 August 2015 (Thu)’s 19:00 – 21:00 (Korea Time 7pm to 9pm) will be scheduling for 2 hours.

Within the two hours, the game will not be playable, so sorry for inconvenience.

Content of maintenance is include as follow:

  1. Lucky Shop have changed its unit again. This time, you are allowed to get all three previous special units.
    • (G-3 Gundam -> Dom + Prototype Gundam +  G-3 Gundam)
  2. Additional compensation coupon for people who participating in Gundam Expo Korea.
    • This is a live event happening in Korea.
    • You can get 15 stamps in Gundam Expo to exchange for a Gundam Astraea unit in game.
  3. Game stabilization work.


Note:  Additional Compensation coupon taken from Gundam Expo Korea is usable right after this maintenance complete.


Thank you for always giving love and attention to SD Gundam Next Evolution. Please do look forward to a smooth game playing.



Man, physically be in Gundam Expo Korea? Now I have no chance to get that unit right now… T_T