SDGN Free Run

Need some friendĀ in SDGN. Just that. (Yet I am not gonna expose my in-game name for awhile…)

Not sure that there is any English community out there, I will just post my broken-English blog of SDGN guides here.

Note that the game is still in testing so,

  • No PvP for the Free Run period.
  • It is started from July 30th to August 30th. It will close their server after that. (2015)
  • There will be no data wipe for game.
  • Anyone who reached 5lv or above in CBT will receive “Char Pilot Card” as award.
    • Char Pilot Card will stop all your surrounding units or projectile from movement for a few seconds.

I will write more in next blog post. (Gotta do SEO after that too I think)

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