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SDGN Download and Register Guide

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    SD Gundam Next Evolution (SDGN)

  1. Buy an account for USD $7.50 here. You can also buy in-game cash on that Facebook page. You can also e-mail to
  2. Most of the browsers such as Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 Default Browser), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and etc are no longer support NPAPI Plugins/Addons. So make sure you’re using Internet Explorer to login the SDGN Official Website:
  3. If you’re using Windows 10, the “Search” function may help you to find your Internet Explorer, as below image:
    For Windows 10 Users
  4. After login to your SDGN Account, click on the GAME START. It will ask you to install the SDGN launcher.
  5. After installing the SDGN launcher, refresh the web page and then click on the GAME START again. It will start updating patch on SDGN launcher.
  6. After updating done, click ‘게임 시작’ to start the game.

Please make sure you have read the above steps.

Remark: Some steps in the following video are not working since mostly browsers no longer to support NPAPI Plugins/Addons (as mentioned in above guide)