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[SDGN]Valentine Login Event

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In short, when you login and get online in game in specific time on 13th and 14th Febuary 2016(Korea time of course), you will receive specific gifts.

Gifts are as follow (Korea time):

11:00 ~ 15:00

Adjutant A(3 days)

15:00 ~ 19:00

20,000 gold

19:00 ~ 23:00

Gundam Vision Card (5 pcs)

Date: 13th and 14th Febuary 2016

You just need to login and get online in the game and you will receive your gifts in the mailbox.

Happy Valentine guys~



[SDGN] Quick Maintenance Detail (3rd Feb 2016)

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I will just point out some more important points and leave the others out.

1) Fix some bugs
-Fix the bug where sometimes boost can dodge the special with boost.
-Fix some bug show ‘loading is incomplete’

2) Some System Adjustment
-Show some icons when enemy got stun
-When you try to snipe on air, you will slowly dropping down instead of floating on the air.

3) Unit Adjustments
-Stun effect time reduced (all unit)
–(not sure what kind of stun it is, but I think its the attack animation stun)
-When unit flinch, standing up, being attack and attack while standing on ground, the boost will regenerate.
-Montero’s 3rd weapon’s stun effect removed.


[SDGN] Short Event Summaries

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Event 1 Get Barbatos

Take on the quest from Air Strike Gundam, and then do 5 rounds of PvP, you will get Barbatos Gundam for free. One per account. You have to get it before 3rd March’s maintenance.

Event 2 Lucky Draw Competition

Take a screenshot with you and Barbatos’ propagation video (on the big screen in lobby), upload it to forum, then stand a chance to get Barbatos Gundam (1:100 Scale) Bandai Model (6 persons) or 5000 cash (10 persons). Ending in 4th February.

Event 3 Login Bonus

3.1 Login the game once, you will get a Newbie Pack in the mailbox, which will include Adjuctant A (3days), 50 batteries, 100TS points and 10 Christina Card (looks like its one-time-usage, the effect is increase the defense for some amount of time).

3.2 Daily login give you extra 5 batteries per day. Ending in 3rd of March.

Event 4 Cash Prize?

4.1 Daily 100 players who get 5 consecutive wins in PvP be choosen to win 3000 culture card point voucher (which can be convert into Cash in game). However they will send the voucher PIN through SMS, so do you have Korea phone number? Anyone that do not have phone number written in the account will get auto disqualified.

4.2 Once you login to the official SDGN website, you can get 1000 cash through the following process

Once per account. Ending in 3rd of March.


That’s all. I don’t think going into detail is necessary. GLHF in the PvP guys. (You lazy bastard Zorua…


[SDGN] More about the new patches

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Official website just release 4 posts within yesterday. Note that this GGFTW forum post is also updated by SmilyT1. Most of the contents within this post are forwarded and edited from this forum post. So, be sure to check it out.


Firstly, everyone will get Gundam Barbatos (Fourth Mode) for free.


System Changes

  •  All PvE mode missions and quests will be shut-downed until further notice
    • Existing PvE quests will be replaced with new PvP quests
  • Until the overhaul of PvE is completed, Trading Market will be closed until further notice and currently auctioned items will be returned back to the owners
  • A brand new Tutorial has been implemented to introduce PvP mode and changed controls, where all players will choose through their avatars again upon clearing (misclicked when selecting avatar? here is the time for you to change and correct it back
    • Player levels and nicknames will NOT be changed
  • Battery System (Pretty much battery similar system from SDGO except in RPG style
    • Each unit has at max 100 charge for each  unit. Every round of PvP will use up 10 charge.
    • When the charges used up, an out-of-battery unit can no longer be deployed until replenishing the charge with the Battery Refill item.
    • Battery Refill item can be found in the Coin shop. (Gold coin is in game currency
  • Revamped Laboratory
    • Core mix/Core enhancement features will be locked until further notice
    • Unit mix/Unit disassembling features will be changed
      • Disassembling units will now yield Unit Cards that corresponds to existing units in the game [usually within the same rank as the disassembled unit, but also rare RNG chances getting a higher ranks]
      • Mixing 5 of the same Unit Cards will give you the corresponding whole unit.
      • Gundam Vision Coin card can be use to replace 1 of the any Unit Cards you lack of per mix.
  • Aim & Lock-on systems have been overhauled to suit the new PvP mode
    • UIs will be different between varieties of weapons


Unit Changes

  • All units’ damage output towards the enemies will vary depending on your unit type
  • While existing Assault, Balance and Shooter type units will remain unchanged, Support and Striking type units will be changed as follows:
    • Gm (Ground Type) Support→Balance
      Gundam Ground Type (Gm Head) Support→Balance
      Dom Support→Balance
      Blue Destiny Unit 1 Strike→Assault
      Gelgoog Commander Strike→Balance
      Gundam Exia Strike→Assault
      Gundam Kyrios Strike→Balance
      Tieren (High Mobility Type) Strike→Assault
      Gundam Virtue Strike→Shooter
      Montero Strike→Balance
  • Unit Max Level has been changed from Lvl 7 to Lvl 4:
    • Lv1 Initial Lvl, unlocks Special Attack
      Lv2 Unlocks Passive Skill 1
      Lv3 Unlocks Passive Skill 2
      Lv4 Unlocks Shin Special Attack
  • Unit exclusive active skills for PvE has been replaced with active weapons
  • The option to enhance Passive Skills has been removed
  • New Cost system has been added for PvP:
    • S Rank – 5 costs
    • A Rank – 4 costs
    • B Rank – 3 costs
    • C Rank – 2 costs (So… where is the D rank? was the last interview actually said D rank by mistake?
  • New Rank system has been added for all existing units
    • A Rank
      G-Self Balance
      Gundam Exia Assault
      Gundam Dynames (Full Shield) Shooter
      Gundam Kyrios Balance
      Gundam Virtue Shooter
      Strike Gundam Assault
      B Rank
      Blue Destiny Unit 1 Assault
      G-3 Gundam Assault
      Gelgoog Commander Balance
      Gundam (RX-78-2) Assault
      Gundam Astrea Shooter
      Gundam Ground Type Shooter
      Gundam Ground Type (Gm Head) Balance
      Gundam Mk-II (Titans Color) Assault
      Montero Balance
      O-Gundam Balance
      Prototype Gundam Balance
      Union Flag Custom (Graham Custom) Assault
      Zaku II (Char Custom) Assault
      Zaku II (White Ogre Custom) Shooter
      C Rank
      Dom Balance
      GM Balance
      GM Ground Type Balance
      Grimoire Assault
      Guncannon Balance
      Guntank Shooter
      Tieren High Mobility Type Assault
      Zaku II Assault


Item Changes

  • All Cores (Armor & Weapons) used for PvE will be unequipped back to your inventory and remain unusable until further notice
  • The 2 Pilot cards that were used for PvE – Amuro Ray & Char Aznable (normal suit) – will be compensated with:
    • Amuro Ray pilot card -> Refunded with TS by the same amount as the purchased price
    • Char Aznable (normal suit) pilot card -> Replaced to ‘Gundam (Casval Custom)’ unit
  • New PvP mode exclusive pilot cards will be added
  • “Gundam’s Vision” (Gundam Head Coins) items will be changed to ‘Gundam’s Vision Card’, where it can be used to replace any Unit Cards
    • Only one can be used per mix
  • Current Unit Mixes/Recipes will be compensated to their respective whole units
  • All consumable potions (HP, Revive, Ally Revive etc) will NOT be usuable for PvP mode
  • MS Kit (I,II) items will have a new use
    • It will be used as EXP pack which you can use it to feed to level up your unit.


PVE Player Compensation

Unit Levels

  •  Due to changed MAX level of a unit, following compensations will be made:
    • Lvl 5 → MS Kit x5
    • Lvl 6 → MS Kit x10
    • Lvl 7 → MS Kit x20

Unit Passive Skills Levels

  • Due to overhaul & removal of enhancing of the units’ passive skills, following compensations will be made:
    • Lvl 2 → MS Kit x5
    • Lvl 3 → MS Kit x10
    • Lvl 4 → MS Kit x20

Pilot Cards

  • The 2 Pilot cards that were used for PvE will be replaced:
    • Amuro Ray pilot card
      • Refunded with TS by the same amount as the purchased price
    • Char Aznable (normal suit) pilot card
      • Replaced to ‘Gundam (Casval Custom)’ unit
  • Unit Mixes/Recipes will be compensated to their respective whole units
  • All ‘Gundam’s Vision’ items will be changed to ‘Gundam’s Vision Card’



  • User Interface + Town Overhaul
    • Alot of the existing UIs will be changed and the Town area’s space has been reduced
  • VIP System has been cancelled
    • All rewards obtained based on your VIP rank has been removed
  • Players no longer gets 10% TS return from purchasing Cash goods
  • Play-time based TS rewards has been removed
  • As for PvP queuing, minimum of 4v4 (8 players), maximum of 8v8(16 players) can be queuing up in a game.
  • Only Point matches are available for now
    • Other modes are being considered to be possibly added in the future
  • During PvP, you can use the TAB key to open full version of the map
  • Point matches will last for 5 mins
  • PvP mode exclusive Pilot Cards can be used for unique buffs & skills during PvP
    • It is an active skill.
  • Battle item card can be acquire through PvP reward by chance or quest reward.
  • You can obtain Unit Cards via Lucky Shop, PvP Rewards or Unit Disassembly
  • PvP mode Item Cards can be obtained via Quests and PvP Rewards
  • One of the UI overhaul at the Town includes the option to toggle mouse cursor with the CTRL key


That’s all for this post. Be sure to check out GGFTW forum post for the original post, and take part in conversation there. You can also check out some next patch leaked info from interview here in the previous blog post. GLHF in the new PvP SDGN.

SDGN KR Zorua whining

[SDGN] PvP Relevant Info Updates

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There is a great thread about SDGN’s PvP system in GGFTW by SmilyT1. Be sure to check that out as I am not going to go through all of the official news in detail when it’s being similar to old school SDGO.


Let’s give a hype news to start this post.

PvP will release in 29th Jan 2016 if everything goes smoothly.I will never tell you that I do not expect things go smoothly…

Alrighty then, let’s review what we have already expected:

  • TPS battle. (of course
  • Different from PvP, it use 1,2,3,4 buttons to switch weapons. (old school stuff
  • When you do and receive certain amount of damage, you will accumulate SP, which activate your passive skill (more old schoo stuff
  • Consume your SP to do Special attack. (Is this not SDGO?
    • When you are using Special attack when your HP is below 10%, your Special attack will be different compare to original Special, and it will deal more damage.
  • There are paper scissors stone mecha-… er-hem… I mean Assault, Shooter and Balance 3 types of unit in PvP rather than 5 in PvE. (Welcome back SdGO
  • PvP will be 8v8.
    • Developer thought about doing 16v16 and 32v32 in the future if possible.
  • There will currently only be Normal mode (both side will keep respawn and continue battle until time up).
    • Developer currently have no plan adding other mode yet.
  • Most of the units are acquirable from lucky draws
    • Not sure if developer is talking about lucky draw shop or other kind of lucky draw.
  • The only 2 things that share between PvE and PvP are gold and id. (I think cash too?
  • Currently there are 40+ units are ready to be acquirable in PvP.
    • Through clearing quests, you will be able to get a number of D ranks units. (YES, D RANK!!
    • S rank and A rank units will release every half or a month.
  • There are 3 maps available when release.
    • Maps are much larger than SDGO used to be.

SDGN plan for February and March:

  • Feb
    • Add new PvP map (S3 point)
    • New units
  • March
    • New PvP map and new units
    • Introduce weapon customizing system
      • Allow user to customize weapon within limited amount of ‘COST point’ to join the battle.
      • You can customize each slot of your weapon (1,2,3) with any combinations.
      • Developer also mentioned that each unit will have their own special weapons, yet they can still use some general weapons. And weapons will NOT be sold through ‘lucky draw’ method.


Let’s babbling a bit more about weapon customizing system. Remember there was Hyper Hammer RX-78, and then there was normal RX-78 in the SDGO? In SDGN, there will not be a new unit for Hyper Hammer RX-78. Instead, you can customize your RX-78’s weapon to equip Hyper Hammer. There probably will be a limitation, which is COST, that don’t allow you to equip all the strong weapons within a unit. So you will have to choose the weapon combination wisely. I think you might even able to customize your Freedom Gundam to be a pure melee unit. In contrast, there might also be some player customize their weapon that they might not have any melee weapon at all. :3


Lastly, there were some rumors from test server player that talk about his gameplay experience in PvP. Note that anything below are not confirmed.

  • Animation cancel mechanism still apply. (!!!)
    • For those who did not play SDGO, here is the explanation. In SDGO, for every attack you do, there is a delay after your attack is carried out (e.g. stun after slashing opponent, gun recoil stun after shooting a beam gun). When that delay happen, player can choose to switch weapon to cancel the stun animation, so that he can start his next action earlier.
    • However, it is unknown the amount of delay reduced, so its unsure whether it is super useful or doesn’t really matter.
  • Combat Dash related tricks from SDGO still apply.
    • For those who did not play SDGO, here is the explanation. In SDGO, when you start a melee attack, there is a dash with longer startup delay before releasing the first slash. Pretty much feel like the current PvE basic attack, except that combat dash does NOT consume any boost. This combat dash only happen when there are any enemy locked on by the system. That means if system determine that player does not lock on to any enemy, combat dash will not happen and the slash will release immediately.
    • e.g. so called “Zero-Boost Slash” (ZBS) (I try to avoid goes into detail because I found that my understanding toward game mechanism is so different compare to majority of English Community player
  • Melee combo like [1->1->1->1->(weapon swap animation cancel + zbs)->1->1->1->1->1] unbroken link still do-able in SDGN.
  • “Quick Snipe” trick from SDGO is no more as there won’t be any delay on going in and out of sniping mode.
  • There is no animation for switching weapons and sniping mode

Here is all the info I can get. GLHF guys. If there is anything, be sure to leave a comment below or join the facebook community.