Zorua whining

Translated guides and wiki need a complete revamp…

Anyone help? There is quite an amount of things to-do… Gotta take some time…


  1. SuzuHaru

    유닛정보 Unit Information

    1. 등장 작품 – Series Title (?)
    2. 소속 – Faction
    3. 지헝 – Terrain
    4. 레벨 – Level
    5. 겅험 – Experience
    6. 공격력 – Attack
    7. 방어력 – Defense
    8. 민첩성 – Agility
    9. 이동속도 – Speed

    1. ZoruaTransformedGundam Post author

      I will start tomorrow on wiki and stuffs. Or do you want to writing blog post for this blog too? :3

  2. SuzuHaru

    Ah no, I wouldn’t have much time to do that, I just did those small ones since I had time this weekend, but I’ll try to add some stuff on the wiki when I get the time 🙂

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