[SDGN] Short Event Summaries

Event 1 Get Barbatos

Take on the quest from Air Strike Gundam, and then do 5 rounds of PvP, you will get Barbatos Gundam for free. One per account. You have to get it before 3rd March’s maintenance.

Event 2 Lucky Draw Competition

Take a screenshot with you and Barbatos’ propagation video (on the big screen in lobby), upload it to forum, then stand a chance to get Barbatos Gundam (1:100 Scale) Bandai Model (6 persons) or 5000 cash (10 persons). Ending in 4th February.

Event 3 Login Bonus

3.1 Login the game once, you will get a Newbie Pack in the mailbox, which will include Adjuctant A (3days), 50 batteries, 100TS points and 10 Christina Card (looks like its one-time-usage, the effect is increase the defense for some amount of time).

3.2 Daily login give you extra 5 batteries per day. Ending in 3rd of March.

Event 4 Cash Prize?

4.1 Daily 100 players who get 5 consecutive wins in PvP be choosen to win 3000 culture card point voucher (which can be convert into Cash in game). However they will send the voucher PIN through SMS, so do you have Korea phone number? Anyone that do not have phone number written in the account will get auto disqualified.

4.2 Once you login to the official SDGN website, you can get 1000 cash through the following process

Once per account. Ending in 3rd of March.


That’s all. I don’t think going into detail is necessary. GLHF in the PvP guys. (You lazy bastard Zorua…

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