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SDGN Regard To Air Combo Nerf

A few posts ago, I talked about air combo height limitation after the EXTRA attack nerf. Well, just an addon about it. The nerf is only applied to Striking type units. So if you are using RX-78(balance), G-3(assault) etc., you can still do your EXTRA attacks fine in the high air. Virtue is too, striking type unit.


SDGN Face-To-The-Ground



Regarding to Strike Gundam(basic arms),


  • Great Air Combo Unit (harder to learn, but easier to maintain the combo when you know how to do it)
    • Due to the way its attack, it provide harder hit stun/launching on air compare to other units
  • Balance Type flexible gun(sub weapon)
  • Somewhat above average potential DPM(damage per unit)


  • Lack of good super armor breaking skill
  • Long skill animation
  • Lack of large AoE(Area of Effect) attacks
  • Hard to deal solid damage to high mobile enemies

It’s somewhat bad unit nevertheless.

Anyway, GLHF.

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