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SDGN Maintenance Notice for 10th September 2015

SDGN Maintenance 10 Sept 2015


  1. Game Maintenance in 10 September 2015 for 2 hours
    • 11:00 to 13:00 (GMT+9) Korea Time
  2. Content
    1. Strike Gundam (Free Gift)
      • Any user who online between 10th September (after maintenance) ~ 17th September (before maintenance) will receive a Strike Gundam
      • SDGN Strike Gundam

        The above image was taken on a development server, there may be a real image with a difference.

    2. Modifying the beam of Gundam Unicorn used by NPC.
    3. Gundam Exia’s recipe ingredient change.
      • From 핵 분열 엔진 to 핵 융합 엔진
    4. Modify the game screen burring effect under certain conditions during gameplay.
    5. Fix phenomenon where some daily quests is bugged and cannot acquire repeatly.
    6. Fix a bug in Mission 2-9.
    7. Fix some quests’ phrase.
    8. Other bug fix.
      • Zorua’s Whining: Just tell us already, what hidden gameplay changes are you going to change… Stop your sneaky gameplay nerfs.

That’s all for tomorrow maintenance, folks. GLHF

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