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SDGN Play With GM, Free TS Points

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SDGN GM party event


Use the matching system of the game to match up with GM.

Event Period: 31st Aug(Mon) to 4th Sept(Fri) Korea Time 16:00 ~ 19:00 20:00 ~ 22:00(GMT+9)

GM List: [GM]Halo ([GM]하로), Zaku’s new recruits (?)

Event Progress:

  1. When the time start, game notification will guide player to the channel of GM.
  2. With random matching system of the game, GM will match up with 2 random player to clear a mission. (excluding episode 3 and all EX missions).
  3. There will also be notification in 19:00 about the end of the event.
  4. Anyone who cleared any mission with GM will be rewarded with 100TS point.
    • Reward will be given in next morning of the event (South Korea’s time of course)



  • Compensation will be paid only once per account during event.
    • Even if you proceed with GM for several missions, reward will be paid only once.
      • Zorua’s doubt: Once per day? Unsure…
  • If GM disconnect while playing the mission, he will pay you 1000G.
  • TS rewards will be paid ingame mailbox.


Zorua’s note: Internet down for yesterday… I carry on the translate tomorrow with transformed multiple hand gundam. Please do make a comment if you need any tip/note urgent.