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Official Notice SDGN KR

Destroying Destroyer Gundam Event

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Party up with 2 more friends (3 in a group), try you best to beat up the Mission EX3-6.


1st Prize: MOR-1DAC earphone.

2nd Prize: Nvidia GTX960

3rd Prize: Cherry Gaming Keyboard G80 3850


This event will be carry out twice.

1st: 3rd Sept 2015 – 9th Sept 2015

2nd: 10th Sept 2015 – 16th Sept 2015


Every mission EX3-6 you had clear will increase your score base on how much score you get in that run. The sum of the scores of all your run will be the score that determine the winner.

The winner will be declare at the end of each event.


Zorua’s whining: There are a lots more new stuff from new quests to new units to translate about. So leave a message in the reply about what do you want to know first compare to the rest, so I will focus on translating/making those guide first. 

Extra note for those who pay attention: The items receive of decomposition the items had changed.