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Sneak Peak of Grand Release [SDGN Grand Opening Review by GM Halo]

Zorua!! Why you are so late to post this?!
Zorua: B-but… working…


1 – Mission: Engaging Kaiser with crowd. Desert Data.

The rest of the Episode 2 and Episode 3 will be up and running in Grand Opening of SDGN. You will be able to see some new environment and meeting new enemies.

SDGN desert

GM Halo have bring us 2 part of gameplay video about this mission.

Zorua’s note: When the special skill is used, it turn on the GN Field, unlike general special move. So it is expected to have more and more special move for new units. Moreover, when the unit fall to certain amount of HP left, it transformed into another mode, and all skills are changed. The 4th skill (Trans-Am) seems to be unuseable before hit goes into 2nd mode.


Kaiser is ready to accept your challenge at any time. Try Challenge now!

2 – Quests added: Missions and Rewards

New quests are added accordingly. Completing new quests rewarding you variety of materials and more units rewards.

SDGN new quests

New purple exclamation mark [!] show you that there are new daily quest from this NPC. Daily quest vary everyday of the week, rewarding you different compensations. You can only complete the daily quests once per day.

3 – The Level Cap: Level Cap Had Raised

SDGN 35lv

25 level to 35 level.

SDGN higher level core

32lv req, 388 shooting range, 280 melee defense, 1281 G gauge increase

There will also be new cores(parts) for higher levels.
Zorua’s whining: It’s stat close to my current head cores… I guess this core is a low roll on RNG stats.


4 – New Units Has Appeared

There is only 12 units are released in Pre Run period of the game. In August 27, there will be many new units added into game.

SDGN kyrios dynames virtue

Many popular Gundam OO series units will be release e.g. Gundam Kyrios, Gundam Dynames and Gundam Virtue.


5 – Battle Improvement: Faster and More Powerful

SDGN battle improvement


 EXTRA attack can only be trigger after the motion of basic attack ended. EXTRA attack will trigger right away when used and cancel the previous basic attack(launching attack)’s motion.
 When skill chain, the previous skill motion have to end before the next skill is activated.  When skill chain, the previous skill’s motion will be cancelled right away and follow up with the next skill activation.


6 – Core Production: Homemade Cores from Blueprint

Now you can use laboratory to build up your own cores from blueprint.

SDGN core blueprint

SDGN core 2

SDGN core

Zorua note: <밸런스 클래스 전용> means “Balance Type Only”, hmm… interesting…… 거래불가  in the image also means “non-tradeable”, and if not mistaken, all the cores I received earlier have a ‘tradeable tag’… so…


7 – U.I. Improvement: Easier and Faster

In Grand Opening, UI had changed drastically.


① Avatar: The avatar when you set in your character creation will be shown here.

② HP Bar / Pilot Gauge: Unlike traditional light colors shown, you can quickly check their status in the appropriate placement.

③ EX/SUB: Now you can check your EXTRA attack’s and secondary attack’s cool down here.

④ Skill and Item Bars: It is becoming more compact and shorten compare to old long skillbar. Everything can bee check in a glance.

UI is improve and more combat focus.



That’s all folks. GL in your battlefield.


Zorua whining: WHHHAAATTT!!!! WHHEEERREEE ISSS PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad……


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