Official Notice SDGN KR

SDGN Free Run Period Ending Notice

In short,

  • SDGN Free Run will be shut down at 26 August 2015 19:00 (Korean time, GMT+9).
    • Of course, all player data will be retain.
    • Playing the game before the Grand Opening and after this time is not possible.
  • SDGN Grand Opening will be up in 27 August 2015.
  • New contents
    • Raise the level cap.
      • I assume it is raised to 35lv? No confirmation…
    • New Episodes.
    • More missions.
    • New units.
    • etc.
  • SD Gundam NEXT EVOLUTION is aiming to be a more enjoyable action MMORPG.

Zorua’s whining: Where is the freaking PvP confirmation?!

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