Mistake or nerfed?

When my friend and I were discussing about units and how there were so many Ground Type Gundam in early FREE RUN period, I found out that the skill description of Ground Type Gundam is far off from what I remembered weeks ago.

When I check the wiki, I got wrong data on it.

On wiki

What was on wiki.

In game

What it actually is in game.

Gotta fix the wiki anyway. I wonder if it is nerfed? If it is, it’s a big one.


Anyway, there are two tips for you guys today. Firstly, if you may notice, the max inventory space is around 100. Anything you receive more than that in mission will goes into your mailbox. Moreover, if your inventory have not enough spaces, you cannot receive your mail.

There are actually some mission drops that you don’t have to keep. The price of selling these items is exactly the same as buying them. They are only used when you need to build up an MS from blueprint. Remember, some of them couldn’t be bought from shop, so it is better to keep them.

SDGN Material Shop


And if you did not notice, if you accidentally sell something that you shouldn’t, you can buy back at the same price before you go to any mission or logout of the game.

SDGN buyback


While for second tip, it is regarding to waves based missions like EX1-5 and EX2-1. In short, you do not have to clear all the waves in order to clear the mission. All you have to do it survive and timeout the mission.

Plus, there is a bug where you will be invincible after you survive the time out of the mission, yet the enemy still spawning. They may not drop anything, but you can use this bug to clear your EX2-1 related quest.

I wonder if that is said to be exploiting the bugs, but I digress.



That’s all folks, see you guys later.



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