SDGN Grand Opening (SDGN Open Beta)

SDGN Open Beta Notice

The grand opening schedule has been confirmed.

  • Episode 2 and 3 missions will be published.
    • Particular Episode 3 last mission [Engage Destroyer Gundam] will be a thrilling battle.
  • They’re also pinging gundam dynames and kyrios as new units.
    • Of course it is including-but-not-limited-to I guess…
  • New action cancelling system in combat is added to speed up the pace of battle.
    • I think it is enhancing of current cancelling system? Wait to see how it work…
  • Date: August 27th 2015 (Thu.)
    • The specific hour of opening will be confirm later.
  • All pre-run data will be remained.

Though the official notice didn’t said anything about PvP and level cap, I actually start to assume that there will be PvP system and new level cap when open beta is released. Anyway, enjoy the video~~


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